Correct timing of breeding is vital for a successful program. We have the ability to time the correct date of ovulation, determine optimal breeding date and provide an accurate due date.

Progesterone testing: We have an accurate in-house progesterone test. The test is ran from a blood sample. Progesterone testing predicts the date of ovulation. We base our breeding dates and whelping dates off of the ovulation date.

Artificial insemination: We offer artificial insemination surgically or by using a MAVIC vaginal catheter. Our Veterinarians are highly skilled at both techniques. With the options of shipping in chilled or frozen semen, our services provide clients with the capabilities of using studs located in different states or countries.

You can bring your female in as needed for progesterone testing or board her with us while we are running her progesterone tests until she is ready to breed.

If you have a stud you would like to use we will work out collection or shipment options with you prior to the breeding date to be prepared. Our clinic has access to many stud services. If you are looking for a male please contact us for availability. We have English bulldog and french bulldog males available for stud.